Frequently Asked Questions

1. Opening an account

1.1. How can I open an account with you?
To open an account with us simply access 'registration' area on the sidebar and fill out the registration form. Your account will be opened immediately after you submit the registration form.

1.2. Can I open 2 and more accounts in my name?
No. If we find that one member has more than one account, the entire funds will be frozen.

1.3. Can my family join with one PC and one Ip?
Yes, but you have to send us your ip in advance, or all your accounts will be suspended by the system.

1.4. Which payment methods do you accept?
At the moment, we accept:
Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin.

1.5. How quickly will be activated after payment of my deposit?
Your account will be updated instantly after you invest. In case you are facing difficulties please contact our support team.

1.6. I'll get deposit at the end of the term?
Your account will be updated instantly after you invest. In case you are facing difficulties please contact our support team.

2. Account Security

2.1 is my information safe?
We protect any information you give us.

2.2. What should I do if I've lost access to your account in your project?
First, try restoring your account password via "Forgot Password" form. If this does not work out, please contact our customer service department from the email address you have used at registration. Please include your username and e-currency account number. After we verify your identity, we will send the account password to your contact email address.

3. Deposits

3.1. How do I make a deposit?
To make a deposit into your account, you need to log into your account, access "Make deposit" area and follow the instructions we provide there.

3.2. How often can I make deposits into my account?
You can make deposits into your account as often as you want. There are no restrictions in this regard.

4. Earnings

4.1. Do you pay interest EVERY day or every BUSINESS day?
We pay interest on EVERY DAY.

4.2. Do you pay into my Account Balance or directly into my e-currency account?
We pay interest and referral commissions into your Account Balance.

5. Withdrawals

5.1. What is the minimal amount that can be withdrawn?
There is no minimum amount, you can withdraw all the funds that are not currently invested.

5.2. Is the withdrawal processed automacitcally?
Yes, it is processed as soon as your reqeust, but in some cases it may need to be processed manually.

5.3. I would like to withdraw funds from my "Active Deposits", but I could not find where I could do it. Can I do this?
No, you can't do this. The Account principal is returned at the end of the investment period.

6. Affiliates

6.1. What is Partnership Program?
Our Partnership Program is a great way for you to make money by referring clients to us. We pay 3 levels (2%-4%-6%) partnership commission from any investment made by your referred person. You can find your referral link and banners in the "Referrals" area.

6.2. Can I participate in your partnership program if I did not make an investment?
Yes, no deposit is required to participate in your partnership program.

6.3. How do you pay referral commission?
We pay referral commission into your account balance.

6.4. Do you pay referral commission on all deposits made by my referrals?
Yes, we pay referral commission on every deposit made by your referral.

6.5.I have referred a friend of mine to you, but I have not received a referral commission. Why?
The most probable reasons are:
- Your referral has opened an account with us, but has not yet made a deposit. Please note that we pay referral commission only after your referral has made a deposit.
- If your referral has already made a deposit and you were not listed as his/her referrer at that time, please ask him/her to contact us about this matter. We will then be able to pay you the referral commission.

6.6. Can I use spam to promote your website?
No, you cannot do this under any circumstances. We do not tolerate spam in any of its forms. Any referral participant reported as spammer will be banned immediately and his balance will be frozen. There are numerous of legal ways of promotion.